Course Description

Course Details

  • Starting from 27/05/2022
  • Frequency : 5 days a week (covering all subjects everyday)
  • XI syllabus to be completed 1st week of February-2023, followed by Revision test series.
  • XII classes to be started in the first week of March-2023
  • XII syllabus to be completed till October end-2023.
  • Thereafter regular test series will be conducted for the revision of XI based on the pattern of NEET


Course Description

  • Extensive Classroom teaching of XI syllabus. NCERT will be covered thoroughly.
  • Study material will also be provided.
  • Regular Objective Pattern Tests to evaluate the performance of students and to expose them to a competitive environment.
  • Subjective pattern tests based on NCERT will also be conducted at regular intervals.


Course Division:

  • Classroom Interaction
  • Regular tests and feedback
  • Thorough analysis of the child's performance followed by counselling at personal level, for rank boosting.


Additional Benefits

Specially designed Test Series will be conducted after completing the syllabus based on exact pattern of NEET.



                 For  first year (XI)         Total fee  :  Rs. 1,48,500/- (including GST)

First instalment (at the time of Admission)       :    Rs. 69,000/- (including GST)

Second instalment - 09/06/2023                      :    Rs. 48,000/- (including GST)

Third instalment    - 09/08/2023                      :     Rs. 31,500/- (including GST)

If paid in Lumpsum : Rs. 1,39,500/- (including GST)                


               For second year (XII)      Total fee   :   Rs. 1,48,500/- (including GST)

Fourth instalment - 09/11/2023                        :    Rs. 28, 500/- (including GST)

Fifth instalment     - 27/03/2024                       :    Rs.  75,000/- (including GST)

Sixth instalment    - 09/06/2024                       :     Rs. 45,000/- (including GST)

If paid in Lumpsum : Rs. 1,39,500/- (including GST)        

Course Information

Course eligibility

Students for appeared or passed in 10th class

Apply Dates

Start Date : 2022-05-27