Course Description

Course Details

  • Starting from 01/04/2024
  • Frequency : 5 days a week (covering all subjects everyday)
  • XI syllabus to be completed till December-2024, followed by Revision test series.
  • XII classes to be started in the last week of March-2025
  • XII syllabus to be completed till October end-2025.
  • Thereafter regular test series will be conducted for the revision of XI based on the pattern of NEET


Course Description

  • Extensive Classroom teaching of XI syllabus. NCERT will be covered thoroughly. 
  • Study material will also be provided.
  • Regular Objective Pattern Tests to evaluate the performance of students and to expose them to a competitive environment.
  • Subjective pattern tests based on NCERT will also be conducted at regular intervals.
  • Thorough analysis of the child's performance followed by counselling at personal level, for rank boosting.
  • Specially designed Test Series will be conducted after completing the syllabus based on exact pattern of NEET.



                 For  first year (XI)         Total fee  :  Rs. 1,49,400/- (including GST)

First instalment (at the time of Admission)       :    Rs. 69,000/- (including GST)

Second instalment - 09/06/2024                      :    Rs. 48,900/- (including GST)

Third instalment    - 09/08/2024                      :     Rs. 31,500/- (including GST)

If paid in Lumpsum : Rs. 1,39,400/- (including GST)                


               For second year (XII)      Total fee   :   Rs. 1,49,400/- (including GST)

Fourth instalment - 09/11/2024                        :    Rs. 28, 500/- (including GST)

Fifth instalment     - 27/03/2025                       :    Rs.  75,000/- (including GST)

Sixth instalment    - 09/06/2025                       :     Rs. 45,900/- (including GST)

If paid in Lumpsum : Rs. 1,39,400/- (including GST)                

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for X appeared/passed

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Start Date : 2024-04-01